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The Poetic Bond VI

The submission window for 2016 is now closed.  Thank you to all who entered.

The submissions will now be made anonymous, each poem will be sent to two readers, who will feedback to the editorial team.  Poets will be informed if they have made the shortlist in August, and final selection will take place in September.

The Poetic Bond VI, will be published in paperback, on or after October 1st, 2016. 

 Spotlight- Cigeng Zhang

Cigeng has appeared in The Poetic Bond series in three of the five volumes and brings a uniquely lyrical, sometimes theatrical style reflecting a cultural fusion which is universal in its appeal. 

Her first poem, the playful “Drunk Smile” appeared in The Poetic Bond III (2013) and was followed by the delicate sadness and remembrance of “What was left” in The Poetic Bond IV in 2014.  For the last anthology (The Poetic Bond V) Cigeng produced her most mature work to date, with three poems “At 8 o’clock” “The Moon, The Poet” and “Still for You”, rightly identifying her as one of the strongest poets to emerge, through new media, from China. .

You can read the work of Cigeng Zhang by clicking   here

Cigeng Zhang

Cigeng takes poetry as a part of her life. In her eyes, all the beautiful things or touching happenings can turn poetry. She once wrote on LinkedIn, "Poetry makes us beautiful while we make poetry alive". Poetry is the inner voice of her heart. She says she writes with the not with a pen. If you want to get to know Cigeng, please go into her poems. As well as her poetry work in English, Cigeng is a freelance English translator in Beijing, China.  


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The Poetic Bond V 

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OUT NOW.  The Poets for The Poetic Bond V (2015) are 

Amanda Judd, Belinda DuPret, Betty Bleen, Bonnie Flach, Bonnie Roberts, Brian McCully, Caroline Glen, Christine Anderes, Cigeng Zhang, Claire Mikkelsen, Clark Cook, Diane Wend, ER Davidson, Frances Ayers, Freddie Ostrovskis, Gilbert Franke, GK Grieve, Ian Colville, James Sutton, Jill Langlois, Joseph Simmons, Julie Clark, Kewayne Wadley, Leander Seddon,  Linda Mills, Marli Moreira, Nana Tokatli, Neetu Malik, Peter Alan Soron, Pushpita Awasthi, RH Peat, Robin Ouzman Hislop, Sonia Kilvington, Wendy Joseph, and William diBenedetto

Celebrating 5 yrs of Global Poetry

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Many thanks for all those who submitted poems, your support is what enables The Poetic Bond to be published.

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The Poetic Bond V


Why is a poem selected for THE POETIC BOND?

The submission process is unique in that choices for inclusion are made on the basis of emergent themes and congruency in the pool of work submitted; it is therefore also a snapshot of the poetry of NOW, seeking to capture the zeitgeist of the moment. 


"It has been a joy to read all of you wonderful poets and thanks, once again, to you Trevor, for creating this bond and for including me in it." Neetu Malik (PA, USA)

"I am forever grateful, Trevor, for your hard work. I know this project takes much professional/love time out of your personal time. Thank you!" Bonnie Roberts (AL, USA)

"I have been reading a lot of the work that has gone into the making of it & am very impressed with much of the execellently crafted writing" Robin Hislop (UK,

"The poetry that fills this book is moving, deep and affirming ... A beautiful publication that will rest on top of my favorite books of poetry.  Nicholas Chiarkas (WI, USA)



The Poetic Bond IV 2014

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The Poetic Bond III 2013

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The Poetic Bond 2011

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Other works by The Poets of The Poetic Bond

All the Babble of the Souk by Robin Ouzman Hislop

The Watcher From The Beacon by Peter Alan Soron

Love, God and Country by James Hercules Sutton

All That's Left by Rosalind Brenner



The Poetic Bond III 

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The Poetic Bond

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The Poetic Bond IV 

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The Poetic Bond Newsletter, now taking article submissions; required, articles up to 1,000 on the subject of poetry,  poetic endeavour, or poetry practice. Previous editions can be downloaded

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The Poetic Bond

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The Poetic Bond 


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Spring 2015

The Poetic Bond V

Guidelines and Conditions 2015

The Poetic Bond IV

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The Poetic Bond IV

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Trevor Maynard, editor of The Poetic Bond series is the manager of the LinkedIn group

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Keep On Keepin’ On


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From a biscuit crumb on your lover’s lips, to the death of a Princess, to the formation of galaxies far, far away, human is our condition, life is our journey, and come agony, joy, or even world-weariness, life is for living, keep on keepin’ on.

Love, Death, and The War On Terror

We, the people, still meet each other, fall in love, and generate enough good in the world to counter and hopefully, in the end, overhaul the evil. The terrorists may murder, the soldier may die, but in the end, humanity has love, and love will conquer all.

A new edition of

Love, Death and The War on Terror 

will be released   in March 2016, and will include five new poems.

This edition will include the "Obama" Trilogy.



             Love Death, and the War on Terror              All the Babble of the Souk by Robin Ouzman Hislop


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