"Poems from THE LOCKDOwn"  An international poetry anthology of 146 poems by 115 poets

"Poetry is the very soul of humanity"

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AmaBzon UK £8.67

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"The Poetic Bond IX"  An international poetry anthology of 91 poems by 43 poets

"Poetry ... both reveals and shares our  humanity"

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"Nature 20/20"  

21 poets exporing the themes of Nature and Enviroment

"Poetry ... both reveals and shares our  humanity"

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Meet the Poets of "Poems from THE LOCKDOwn

Anne Carly Abad

Pandemic (we are many) / Settlement

Anne received the Poet of the Year Award in the 2017 Nick Joaquin Literary Awards and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Rhysling Award. Her work has appeared in Apex, Mythic Delirium, and Strange Horizons, to name a few. She continues to write in between managing her business and taking care of her three-year-old.

Cary Barney

Applause / After

Cary was born in New York, raised in Massachusetts, and has lived in Spain since 1991. He teaches writing and theater at Saint Louis University's Madrid campus. His poems have appeared in Tipton Poetry Journal, Third Wednesday, Quail Bell Review, Danse Macabre, and Big Windows. His new collection "Maritxu: A Love Story" is forthcoming from Lemon Street Press.

Michael Belmore

In These Times We Keep

story of my life? .... too short for Kindle ... too long for a bumper sticker

Parul Bhargava

the walk

Parul is a physician who works at UCSF.

Henry Bladon

The world changed

Henry is a writer based in Somerset in the UK. His work can be seen in The Poetic Bond and other places.

Micki Blenkush

What if my surreal is your surreal?

Micki lives in St. Cloud, MN and works as a social worker. mickiblenkush.com

Bartholomew Bolander

Ophiostoma ulmi

Bartholomew Wilson Bolander grew up in New England, where he studied English and American literature. He obtained his master’s degree in Modern Philology from l'Università degli studi di Roma 'La Sapienza' in the Fall of 2019. He lives in Rome.

Amelia Bostic


Amelia, a resident of North Carolina, has never met a dog she didn't like.

Roisin Boyle

Not airborne / Leave Me Breathless

Roisin is from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has an MA in English and will be studying law in the fall.

Brandon SC Brewer

Those Eyes of Mine

Brandon is a writer from Belleville, Illinois.

Cindy Lynn Brown


Cindy is a Danish-American poet. She has published nine books and has been translated into multiple languages, She is also the organizer of an international poetry festival.

Peter Bruno

Cyanthropic Daze

Peter Bruno is an artist, teacher, and writer living in Vermont. He also directs plays with high school students. Currently he is working on "Garibaldi Avenue", a series of linked stories. He has two dogs, Bennie and Augie.

Catherine Bull

Field Notes from More Than Likely COVID19

Catherine Bull is a poet living in Seattle, Washington. Her work has been published in FIELD, Bellingham Review, Literary Bohemian, and other journals. She has a full-length collection, "Muskoxen Slow It Down", and chapbook, Rambo/Rimbaud.

Diane Burrow


Diane has been writing for many years and many of her poems are published in anthologies and booklets, including The Poetic Bond series.  She is a regular contributor to Poetry, Review and Discuss on LinkedIN.   She now lives by the sea.

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne

When Will He Grow Wings / In Today’s News

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne is an author and poet from Dublin, Ireland. Her work has been published in a variety of anthologies, magazines, ezines and her work has been performed theatrically. Her first collection of poems Dreams of Reality was published in 2019.

Paola Caronni

No Time for Spoon River

Paola hails from Italy, lives in Hong Kong, where she works as a translator and tutor.  MFA in Creative Writing (Hong Kong) ; MA in English Language and Literature (Milan). Her work has appeared in Desde Hong Kong: Poets in Conversation with Octavio Paz, Quixotica: Poems East of La Mancha, Mingled Voices,  Voice and Verse, Cha, ‘New Asian Writing’ and on the ‘PEN Hong Kong’ website.

Mari-Carmen Marin

This is War / Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Born in Málaga, Spain, but moved to Houston, TX, in 2003, where she has found her second home. She is a professor of English at Lone Star College—Tomball. Writing poetry is her version of a  comfy chair in front of a fireplace on a stormy winter day. Her work has appeared in Wordriver Literary Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Dash Literary Journal, Months to Years, The Awakening Review and Lucky Jefferson .

Susana H Case


Susana is a Professor at New York Institute of Technology, and author of seven books of poetry including Dead Shark on the N Train  due out  2020 from Broadstone Books, Ippy Award winning Drugstore Blue (Five Oaks Press) as well as five chapbooks, among these are Body Falling and Sunday Morning, (Milk and Cake Press). Her first collection, The Scottish Café, from Slapering Hol Press, was re-released in a dual-language English-Polish version (Opole University Press). Also published in Calyx, The Cortland Review, Portland Review, Potomac Review, Rattle, RHINO and many other journals.

Benjamin Champagne

Cosmic Awareness

Benjamin Champagne lives in a strange and changing world. It is ruled by patterns unseen and a very few who turn the cogs. Life is charming: coconut is a fine phonetic concoction. Life is chaotic: bamboozle sounds like what it means.

Conrad Spenser Clark

Not a Number

Conrad a math postgrad dabbling in poetry, looking for crossovers in form.  He also likes to paint abstract art, and has a small dog named, Pablo.  This is his first published poem.

David Cleveland

Looking for Normal

David Cleveland is an English Instructor at Arizona State University.

Kurt Cole Eldsvig

In and Out of Quarantine with Persephone

Kurt is an artist and poet. His work has appeared in Hanging Loose, Slipstream, Main Street Rag and others. He maintains a website at www.EidsvigArt.com.

Hannah K Walizer Cook

Inside Out

Hannah is a plant lover, writer, and poet who is passionate about creative expression, reading, personal growth, kindness and encouragement. She has been writing poems since the age of 15 to cope with loss, longing, love and depression.

Kristen Corbisiero

Never-ending sun

Kristen's poetry has been published by Z Publishing House, Wildsound Festival Review, Poetry Festival, Serroc’s Poetry Slam, Sage Express and Lighted Corners Literary Magazine, among others. She discovered writing at an early age and clung to it as her means of expression through life. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English and currently works as a social media coordinator and front-end manager. She enjoys photography, reading, and cultivating plants. She runs her own online blog, https://awriterssoulblog.wordpress.com/

Anna Delamerced

Seeds in the Desert / Once More

Anna is a medical student at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She received funding through the Bray Medical Humanities Fellowship to pursue a year-long project, focusing on poetry for kids in the hospital. Her works have been published in KevinMD, Medscape, Abaton, Plexus, in-Training, Cornerstone, Murmur and Doximity. She is passionate about listening to people tell their stories.

Natasha N. Deonarain

Social Distancing (speak to me)

Natasha Deonarain's first chapbook, 50 etudes for piano, will be published by Assure Press. She has been selected for the 2020 Three Sisters Award by NELLE magazine. Her work has appeared in The Inflectionist Review, Rogue Agent Journal, The Ravens Perch and Door is Ajar among others. She lives between Colorado and Arizona, depending on weather patterns and sometimes practices medicine.

Abby DeSantis

the morrow / the new normal

Abby is a retired fashion executive from NYC, now residing in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She has found poetry to be her new passion. Abby has been published in Northeastern PA Poetry Review 2020 Anthology, the 13 Days of Halloween, and Tiny Seeds Literary Journal. She is a member of Poets Live Scranton and NEPA Pencils Writers.

Mitzi Dorton

Shouldn't We Have Enough

Mitzi has studied with both the Peripatetic Writing Workshops and Grubstreet. Mitzi's work has been published in Rise, an Anthology of Change! Northern Colorado Writers, and Cleaning up Glitter, as well as ‘Bloodroot,' and ‘Good Old Days’ magazine. Mitzi worked as a learning specialist for the disabilities’ center at a community college in the southeast. She loves scary dolls, with glass eyes from the turn of the century, local histories, and adventures with Marigold, her golden ‘doodle.

Mike Dunne


Michael Dunne grew up in Manchester but has lived in London for most of his adult life. He has had poetry published in Wasafiri, Transmission, Lamport Court, Turbulence, Goldfish, is included on the Poetry Society's website and in the Poetry Map of Manchester. Non-fiction has appeared in London Irish Writer, NME, The Irish Post and he is a past winner of the Chapter One Novel Writing Competition. He successfully completed an MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, London, and is currently preparing a PhD proposal. He is a secondary school English teacher and works in alternative education with young people excluded from school.

Aaluk Edwardson


Aaluk Edwardson is an Iñuit/Norwegian/Sámi artist (writer, actor, director, singer). She also teaches creative writing and performance with Iḷisaġvik College, Alaska's only tribal college and serves as the Artistic and Executive Director of Bright Shores Creative Decolonization (BSCD). You can learn more about Aaluk and the work she does on the BSCD website: http://www.creativedecolonization.org.

Jane Ellen Glasser

Covid-19 Lockdown / Vernal Equinox Lockdown

Jane’s poetry has appeared in journals, such as Hudson Review, Southern Review, Virginia Quarterly Review and Georgia Review. She co-founded the non=profit arts organization and journal New Virginia Review, and has worked as a book reviewer and editor.  Her first collection Naming the Darkness, (introduction by W. D. Snodgrass) was issued by Road Publishers in 1991.  She won the Tampa Review Prize for Poetry 2005 for Light Persists and The Long Life won the Poetica Chapbook Contest in 2011.  Publications include The Red Coat (2013), Cracks (2015), In the Shadow of Paradise (2017) and "Selected Poems" (2019) all available from Future Cycle Press. Website: www.janeellenglasser.com

Brian M Falconer

'tween times

Brian M Falconer is an ex-computer programmer, now freelance technical and content writer, who recently won First Prize for his poem "Survival" in the anthology Nature 20/20.  He also won third prize in the Poets’ Choice Awards for The Poetic Bond IX, which may sound like a community chest card in Monopoly, but it was the first time he had won anything. He describes his style as “broken verse”, and recently moved to Wales to be by the sea.

Catherine (Lee) Felty

Speak to me of new

Lee Felty is a published nature poet living in New England, USA.

Kristin Kowalski Ferragut

When screens replace touch

Kristin lives in Maryland where she has been a featured poet at readings including Words Out Loud at Glen Echo, Evil Grin in Annapolis, DiVerse Gaithersburg Poetry and Third Thursday Poetry Reading in Takoma Park. Kristin participates in local poetry and prose writing workshops and open mics, in addition to reading, hiking, teaching, playing guitar and enjoying time with her children. Her work has appeared in Beltway Quarterly, Nightingale and Sparrow, Bourgeon and Mojave He[Art] Review among others.     

Hugh Findlay


Hugh Findlay lives in Durham, NC, and would rather be caught fishing. He drives a little red MG, throws darts on Thursdays, reads and writes a lot, dabbles in photography and makes a pretty good gumbo. His work has been published in The Dominion Review, Literary Accents, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Bangalore Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Wanderlust, Montana Mouthful, Souvenirs, Dream Noir, San Pedro River Review, Proem, New Southern Fugitives, Arachne Press and Pinesong. @hughmanfindlay

Jennifer Finstrom

Isolation Poem with Ceres

Isolation Poem with The Destruction of Pompeii

Jennifer was the poetry editor of Eclectica Magazine for thirteen years, and recent publications include Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, Red Eft Review, and Thimble, with work forthcoming in Dime Show Review, Eunoia Review, and Rust + Moth. Her work also appears in several Silver Birch Press anthologies, including Ides: A Collection of Poetry Chapbooks.

Carol Flake Chapman

Maybe we will all become butterflies

A Prayer for the Sequestered

A former journalist, Carol returned to poetry, her first love, after the sudden death of her husband, on a wild river in Guatemala, shattered her world. Poetry, she found, was the language she needed to respond to a world gone haywire and badly in need of healing. She lives in Austin, Texas.

Andreas Fleps

When The Music Begins

Andreas Fleps is a 28-year-old poet, based near Chicago. He studied Theology and Philosophy at Dominican University, and has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as High Shelf Press, Snapdragon, The Windhover, and Waxing & Waning, among others. Battling Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder since the age of five, he translates teardrops.

Susan Fleming

All Back in Place

Susan Fleming is a real estate investor who grew up in the Appalachian area of Ohio. She has always been a big fan of poetry and enjoys writing personal poems in her spare time.

Pam Fox

Black Swan Song

Pam Fox is a professor of Religious Studies, Literature, and Humanities and co-founder of Perelandra College (www.perelandra.edu), formerly granting licensed, accredited Master's degrees in Creative Writing and now a certificate program, and has published numerous essays and poetry in academic journals.

Tanya Fraser

Wide Berth

Tanya lives in Brooklyn with her cat, Juno.

Mysti Frost


Lives in Eugene, Oregon with her daughter Alice and father, the famous John Frost, a master storyteller.

Emma Gibson

the dishes

Emma is a British writer, now living in Philadelphia, PA. She mostly writes plays. Her most recent play, WHEN WE FALL, is a finalist for PlayPenn 2020, a semi-finalist for The Eugene O'Neill Conference, and a semi-finalist for Premiere Stages at Keane. She is also a teacher, a mother. and an actor.

Julia Gordon-Bramer

Rights / Seduction by Virus

Julia Gordon-Bramer is a poet, author, Sylvia Plath scholar and professional tarot card reader. She quarantines in St. Louis, MO, with her husband and three cats.

Wendy Grossman


Wendy is a creative non-fiction writer and author of the blog on race, www.wendyjanesoulshake.com. She also writes poetry using her friends’ Facebook status updates. Publications: Frequency Anthology, Missing Providence (2015,), Me and Mrs. Stowe and The Rhode Island Writers' Circle Anthology (2007). This poem was includes found Facebook status updates from the following with from Barbara Gavin. Lily J. Whelan, Christopher Johnson, Martinha Javid, Darlene Sochin-Maras.  ShaRhonda Knott-Dawson. Seth Tourjee. Shey Rivera. Rodney Mason and Jessica Brown

Blakelee Harmon


Blakelee Harmon is an established artist based in New York City who has dedicated her life to creating work that bonds human souls. She developed her sense of composition first through dance, exploring movement and stillness, music and silence, light and darkness, giving and taking, boundaries and abandon.  .

Rob Hardy

Crossing the Delaware

Rob Hardy is the first Poet Laureate of Northfield, Minnesota (USA). His prose and poetry have appeared in New England Review, North Dakota Quarterly, New Letters, Ploughshares, The Critical Flame, Sonora Review, Pleiades, Rattle and in other literary and scholarly journals and anthologies.

Michael Hatchett

unwitting conquests

Hardly an Apocalypse in Here

Michael Hatchett is a writer in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from the College of Wooster with a BA in English and the Second City Conservatory. He has work forthcoming from Thurston Howl Publications.

Syble Heffernan

Day 16 of Quarantine, Breathe

 Day 18 of Quarentine: Perspectves

Syble studies International Studies and English at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She started writing to entertain herself in small town Nebraska and filled countless journals on buses and garden benches during her year as an exchange student in Brazil. She participates in Spoken Word and is employed by the Nebraska Writers Collective. In addition to writing, she loves to read, dance, swim (especially in the sea), dig her toes in the dirt, paint and eat stovetop popcorn with coconut oil and pink Himalayan salt.

Camille Hill

After The Pandemic

Ms. Hill is a retired U.S. diplomat. She grew up in Sacramento, CA, and lives in Van Zandt, WA.

Isabel Hinchliff

In sickness and in health

Isabel Hinchliff is an English Major and intended Creative Writing Minor studying at UC Berkeley.

Nicole Hospital-Medina


Nicole earned her MFA at the University of Miami where she is now a professor who instructs writing. Her poems can be read in the anthologies Feminine Rising: Voices of Power and Invisibility and Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence, as well as in CURA: A Journal of Art and Action, The Miami Herald, Linden Lane Magazine, Paper Nautilus, Blunderbuss Magazine, The Acentos Review, Canyon Voices and more. Nicole, professor, Floridian, surfer, sailor, artist and environmentalist, ventures to write. She is a poet-activist.

Eric Machan Howd

Stuck in the Funhouse

Eric Machan Howd (Ithaca, NY) is a professor of professional and technical writing at Ithaca College. His poems have appeared in (selected) Nimrod, River City, The Healing Muse, and Yankee Magazine. He received his MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. He recently presented his work at a Slovenian/American conference on poetry and poetics as a guest lecturer/poet in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Heikki Huotari

In My Solitude

Heikki, a retired math professor, has published poems in journals such as Spillway, The Journal, and Pleiades.

Kim June Johnson

During My Illness / Blossoms

Kim is an award-winning singer-songwriter and poet from the west coast of Canada. She is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University's The Writer's Studio. Her writing has appeared in Room, Literary Mama, CV2, and Today's Parent Magazine.

Tonia Kalouria

Looking Up

Tonia wants to help reinstate RHYMING poetry from its Rodney Dangerfield "no respect" status. She is the author of the rhythmic Aerobic Poetry. Her poem Advice is for the Birds appears in the Poe Anthology, Quoth the Raven.

Judit Katalin Hollos

Spring postponed - a Haiku Sequence

Judit is a teacher, poet, playwright, translator and journalist. She graduated in playwriting and screenplay writing and studied Swedish literature and language in Vaxjö, Sweden. Her short stories, micro-poems, translations and articles have been featured in English, Swedish and Hungarian in literary magazines and anthologies.

H anonymous


Last minute replacement due to circumstances beyond my control.

Alyssa Kreikemeier

Eleven Days 

Alyssa Kreikemeier is a writer and historian whose work explores the relations between non-human and human worlds.

Dorie LaRue

Dog Walking in the Global Pandemic

Grocery Shopping Whole Foods

Dorie LaRue is the author of two novels, Resurrecting Virgil, (Backwaters), and The Trouble With Student Affairs (Artemis Press); three chapbooks of poetry, Seeking the Monsters, The Private FrenzyIn God's Due Time: A Tribute to Mistress Rowlandson; poetry books Mad Rains (Kelsay Press), and An Enemy in Their Mouths (Finishing Line Press). Ahas appeaered in a variety of journals including, The Southern Review, The Maryland Poetry Review, and The American Poetry Review. Has a Ph.D. in creative writing from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, and teaches writing and literature at LSUS.

Shane Leavy

Reflecting on another time of separation

Shane Leavy is an analyst and writer living in the rural west of Ireland.

Christa Lubatkin

What if

Christa Lubatkin was born in war, raised through post-war poverty and finally landed in the country of everyone’s dreams, where she moved and moved again. For someone who never lingers long, writing short poetry is a natural fit. Christa’s poetry shines a light on darkness. Her poetry has appeared in The Patterson Literary Review, Haunted Waters Press (Splash), The Blue Guitar, The Write Launch, Underwood, Cathexis Northwest, and others. Away from her writing table she likes to hike, dance, and enjoy the company of good people.

Neetu Malik

Social Distancing (every two minutes)

Born in India, Neetu has lived in Austria, England, and Canada before settling in the Eastern USA in 1994. Neetu's eclectic work reflects her diverse background as she explores the joy and darkness of the human condition in poems and stories noteworthy for their intensity in brief span. Her poetry is published in journals and anthologies from Australia, USA, UK, and India, inlcuding The Poetic Bond and others.  Her poem, Soaring Flames, was awarded First-Place by the NY Literary Magazine (2017). Nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2018, Neetu’s poem Sacred Figs was published in The Ocotillo Review by Kallisto Gaia Press.

Susan Manchin

Now That You're Gone

A graduate of West Virginia University,  worked as a copywriter and creative director. Presently, pursuing an MFA in creative writing at Bennington College with a focus on poetry. She is an active member of Pennwriters and SCBWI. Most recently, she completed workshops at Highlights, and Stony Brook University.

Kayla Matheson

Prison Life

A retired English teacher from Texas, Kayla has shared her love of poetry with her students for nineteen years. She has been published in The Poetic Bond IV, the Poetic Bond IX, and two articles and poems in Poet's Are Heroes Magazine.

Johnnie Clemens May


Johnnie Clemens May, a Phoenix area poet, has an MFA from Pacific University and taught poetry and creative writing at the college level for over 25 years. She has also conducted many workshops and participated in several readings in her community as well as having published her work in a number of journals and online literary magazines. ………………………………………..

Annmarie McQueen

We didn’t think it would be us next

English, Creative Writing graduate from Warwick University in the U.K, Previously a  winner of the Simon Powell poetry prize and has been published in magazines including ‘Words with Jam,’ ‘Reach poetry’ and ‘Buried letter press.’

Mary K O'Melveny

Space Bubbles / Adrenaline Rush

Mary K O'Melveny (Washington DC and Woodstock NY): is author of A Woman of a Certain Age and MERGING STAR HYPOTHESES.

Anthony Mirarcki

Moments of Life / 100,000

Anthony Mirarcki lives in Syracuse, New York, with his wife. He currently works as a carpenter and is a full-time student at Oswego State University, working towards his BA in English with a minor in Philosophy. Anthony's work has appeared in the Great Lake Review, and earned honorable mention in the 47th New Millennium Writing Awards……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Kat Milberger                                                                     What is left

Kat has been a social worker working with the autism spectrum population for 9 years in Richmond, Virginia.  She is proud member of the LGBTQ community and the fluidity of my experience has informed my poetry; poetry sets free the conventions of speech and writing. On March 16th, 2020, she developed a fever, had to leave work, and proceeded to experience the rest of her illness in self-quarantine. She says “Covid-19 is unlike anything I have experienced; the way that it improves and then suddenly worsens, see-sawing back and forth for days and days, is maddening. It steals the air from our lungs and causes us to labor over each breath; in and out. Experiencing this in isolation, before good information was available to the public about it, hit on many of my core fears as a human being; I am corrupt, I am a burden, I am bound to be rejected, I am useless. It was these voices, and the eventual recovery of my health and self-love, that inspired my poetry.”

Justin Moir

The Song is Quiet Now / To A Plague Rat

Justin Moir is a writer and English graduate student from Halifax.

Kristina Moriconi


Kristina Moriconi is a poet and essayist whose work has appeared in a variety of literary journals and magazines including Brevity, Cobalt Review, Ruminate, as well as many others. Her work has also been selected as a finalist in terrain.org’s 2017 Nonfiction Contest, December’s 2018 & 2019 Curt Johnson Prose Award in Nonfiction, and awarded Honorable Mention in Juncture’s 2018 Memoir Contest. Future publications include Sonora Review: the Woodhall Press anthology, and Flash Nonfiction Food (2020).Her lyrical narrative, In the Cloakroom of Proper Musings, will be published by Atmosphere Press in 2020.

Kohl Neal

The end of the world from inside the house

Kohl Neal is a writer and advocate born in New Jersey, raised in Texas, living and in Chicago.

Maxine Nodel

United States of Virus

Has a BFA in Fine Art from Cooper Union and an MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College.  She studied writing privately with Allen Ginsberg in the late 80s and received an award from the Academy of American Poets for original poetry. Founded my own art high school in NYC with a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant in 2003. The school received the 2009 Lincoln Center Institute 1st Place Award for the Most Imaginative Curriculum in NYC.  She has also written educational material, including for the Children’s Television Workshop.

Bridget Noel

And's and But's of Quarantine / Just A Nurse

Bridget Noel is an alumnus of Rutgers University and the University of Pennsylvania. She received the Mitchell Adelman Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing at Rutgers University. She is currently a critical care nurse.

Vox Pop Max Pax


(Nathan Carmen Brown) British/American Citizen, New York native, traveled in Europe and Australia, and until now, across the United States of America.  Hold up in the midwest until the virus passes.


A Fallout Unspoken

Writer, poet, spoken word artist and musician from Brooklyn NY, and staff columnist/critic of the  NYC Jazz Record,  Recently commissioned for Shifting the Jazz Narrative: Photo Essays of Women Instrumentalists by the Berklee Institute for Jazz and Gender Justice.  Curates the poetry/music series West Village Word at Cafe Bohemia NYC.  Other recent credits include poetry in  Il Biglietto 2" (translated by Erika Dagnino, Genoa Italy: Sibello, 2018), the proletarian fiction collection Night People and Other Tales of Working New York” (2013).  Contributing writer to Z, the Nation, CounterPunch, the Wire (UK), People's World and other progressive and arts periodicals.

Peter Pritzel


Anthony Chesterfield (aka. Peter Prizel) is a social worker who specializes in end-of-life care and hospice. Each of his patients and their families have individually taught him about the unknown as he continues his vocation. Anthony considers fatherhood to be the greatest adventure of his life, and believes there is no one perfect way to be a father. He is currently pursuing an MFA at Manhattanville College, and lives in Bedford Hills, NY, with his wife, three daughters, and three cats.

MK Punky

Pandemic Possibilities

MK PUNKY is the author of many books, including the novel Year 14 (Barrelhouse Books), and gambling memoir "The Smart Money (Simon & Schuster), as well as his beloved travelogue-with-dog Ella in Europe (Bantam/Dell). MK's memoir of befriending and housing a homeless man, The Unexpected Guest (Diversion), is forthcoming in 2020.

Monica Raymond

Corona Pantoum

Monica Raymond writes poems, plays, and sometimes prose. She's currently sheltering in place in an old house in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She wrote this poem in February, before the quarantine.

Barbara Reynolds

Once Upon a Children’s' Game / A Pandemic Day

Barbara Reynolds’ poems have appeared in What Rough Beast, Avocet, Muddy River Poetry Review, and The Somerville Times.

Laurie Rosen

Tiny Bay

Laurie Rosen lives near the coast in Massachusetts. She is inspired by travel, nature, politics and the myriad photographs she takes of her surroundings. This poem was written while she was out of the country though practicing self-quarantine. She left for home just before all flights were cancelled. Her poems have appeared in Sisyphus, Tigershark Magazine, The London Reader, Rosette Maleficarum, The Muddy River Review, Beach Reads, and Peregrine.

Robert Eugene Rubino

Pretend You're a Dangerous Dissident

 Make an Effort, Make Your Bed

Since retiring from daily journalism in 2013, Robert Eugene Rubino has published poetry and prose in various online and print literary journals, including Hippocampus, The Esthetic Apostle, The Write Launch, Haunted Waters Press, Forbidden Peak Press, Cagibi, Cathexis Northwest, High Shelf Press, Raw Art Review, MacQueen's Quinterly,  and Gravitas, as well as anthologies The Poetic Bond IX and Earth Hymn. Since the shelter-in-place order in response to the coronavirus, he has shifted his participation in poetry open mics from in-person to online, believing something is better than nothing.

Nida Sahar

Isolation / Lockdown Pheromone

Started writing poetry at the age of 13, influenced by Sufi poets like Rumi. She has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from BMSCE, Bangalore, but after years of being a closet poet, she eventually sjoined a  poetry workshop at Bangalore Writers  She has written for online portals such as Women's Web, and Career sites like Shiksha, and newspapers like Deccan Herald. Her poetry is published in MuseIndia, Coldnoon (International Journal of Travel Writing & Travelling Cultures), Spark. and FWDLife. She performs at a few open mics and explores different poetic forms. She has also won a competition from Let poetry be and is a featured poet for Bengaluru Poetry Festival. She is a feminist and a firm supporter of women in engineering and technology.

Laura Saint Martin

The Hunkering Down ………………………………

Laura is an emerging writer, working on a mystery series set in the foothills of Southern California, featuring horses and their eccentric but brave owners. She also writes poetry about life on the autism spectrum, mental health, blue collar struggles, and animals and nature.

Heather Sanderson


Heather Sanderson is a healer and yoga teacher focusing on reclaiming the sacred feminine and invisible wounds. Originally from Canada by way of Brooklyn, she has lived nomadically since 2017 and has moved 160 times. Her work has appeared in NightBlock. Writing is her medicine.

Nancy Santos

When Anagrams Great Again

Nancy Santos is complying with stay-at-home orders in Washington with her husband and two sons.

Susan Sanders

Five Directions for Surviving Covid-19

In addition to publishing a book and several poems over the past 30 years, Susan has taught English and Humanities classes for two Vermont colleges, as well as juggling two to three part-time jobs since returning to Vermont after 9/11. She lives on the edge of a lake which borders Vermont and Quebec. Poetry is the one avenue which greatly allowed some reprieve after her daughter's suicide several years ago. Her poems have appeared in The Vermont Literary Review, Flying Horse, Thin Air, Falling Star Magazine, The Lucid Stone, Green Mountains Review, Soapbox, Ariel Chart, Scarlet Leaf Review and several others.

Sophie Scolnik-Brower


Sophie Scolnik-Brower is a professional pianist and social work student in the Boston area. An active participant in writing workshops throughout the city, she is drawn to poetry that sounds like music. Past and current writing mentors include Jorie Graham, Katia Kapovich, and Tom Daley.

Barbara Schwegman


Barbara has been a writer of poetry her entire life, but have never felt comfortable sharing with anyone other than her close friends. Last night she was practicing social distancing by porch sitting with friends, and shared Pandemic with them. They encouraged me to share it with a larger audience. So here we are, Thank you.

Helen Sheppard

Bubbles in a War Zone

Helen writes poems about birth and for those unheard.She co-runs Satellite of Love Word Events and enjoys the alchemy of giving new poets a platform to showcase their words. Published in: These are the Hands 2020, Lyrically Justified Volume 3, 2019 Tools of the Trade – Poems for New Doctors (2019), Readings/performances include Milk Poetry, Raise the Bar, Torriano Meeting house, Harvard Medical School. Helen was commended in the Hippocrates Prize 2017 https://www.writeoutloud.net/profiles/helensheppard

Richard Glen Smith


As an artist and media specialist, worked for 40 years on disease and AIDS issues with media, medical, and health specialists. After retirement he found himself confronted with lung issues which extend directly into the present pandemic and its effect on societies.

Sara Cupp Smith

Shelter in Place / Intubation

Sara has retired from urban life. She lives with her husband, Italian Spinone, and five jennies on forty mostly wooded acres in a rural area of eastern Texas. There she enjoys the rich variety of wildlife, including foxes, cougars, raccoons, deer, beavers, owls, hawks, and songbirds and tolerates possums, feral hogs, copperheads, and an occasional alligator. Her other pleasures include watching the changing foliage of the oak and hickory trees, reading long books, and drinking coffee each morning. She treasures her husband, two children, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and five grandchildren.

Samantha Smith

Paranoid Hopeless Romantic

Samantha resides in Berea, Kentucky. She attends Eastern Kentucky University and will graduate in Spring 2021.

Danielle Solo

Social Distancing (eyes like prey) / Quarantine Routine

Danielle Solo is a poet and storyteller based in London, Ontario. She defines artistic expression as a form of radical honesty. Her work focuses on spirituality and traumatic personal experience, uncovering the hauntings that result from these events. Her poetry can be found in works by Polemical Zine and Jawbreaker Collective, and is forthcoming in Mineral Lit Mag. It’s not hard to spot her in the wild; she’s the most eccentric person in your grocery store, often found swathed in velvet and discussing mortality with the tanked lobsters. She can be found on Instagram @daniellesoloscribblings or at daniellesolo.com.

Megha Sood

Redemption / Looking Outside

Megha Sood is an Assistant Poetry Editor at Ariel Chart and MookyChick. Over 350+ works in print/online journals. Works in 35 anthologies by the US, UK, Australian, and Canadian Press. Two-time State-level winner of the NJ Poetry Contest 2018/2019.

Samantha Stone

An Echo Through Pelagic

Samantha is an illustrator and emerging writer living among the redwoods of Northern California

Linda Stryker


Linda writes from Phoenix, AZ. She volunteered for many years as a radio reader for disabled people. She founded the poetry groups Poetry Exchange, for critiquing work, and COW: Community of Writers. She also participates in a ZOOM poetry critique/workshop with members from all across the U.S. Stryker has been published in New Millennium Writings, New Verse News, Ekphrastic Review, Antiphon, and Chiron Review, among several others. Her chapbook Starcrossed was published in 2018 and she is currently working on a new collection. She continues to try to crack the mystery of how to write a darned good poem.


Jacky T

Battered Ego

Jacky T is a country boy at heart, wearing city life like an itchy woollen sweater. He battles chronic illness, so currently feels at home with the world’s preoccupations.

Claire Taylor

The Lilac Bush / To My Son

Claire Taylor is a writer and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her poetry has appeared in The Yellow Arrow Journal, and The Loch Raven Review.

Loretta Tobin

Let's all dance in the street / Waiting Alone

Born and raised in North Dakota,  graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a B.S.Ed. and now lives in Snohomish County, Washington. While married, she raised two children, and joined the U.S. Navy Reserve and served around the world including Al Asad, Iraq. When asked why she volunteered, she answers that she was gathering material to use for award winning writing. Now retired, she looks forward to bringing those influences into her writing.

Amy Walker

A Cadence inverted

Amy is a multi-genre writer and international development practitioner. She has published previously in Northern New England Review and Midway Journal. She wrote this piece in the weeks when Italy was suffering the worst of COVID-19 infections and deaths and the virus had begun to spread widely throughout the U.S. She was moved watching the images of Italians and Spaniards making music from their balconies and Yo-Yo Ma serenading the world from his home office, like independent and fragile notes composing a global nocturne. She is sheltering-in-place in Washington, D.C. with her husband and chocolate Labrador.

Wen Wen Lin

Life in The Time of Covid-19

Wen Wen Lin is a transplant to New York City who feeds off nature, enjoy crowd-less city streets in early mornings or very late at night. She catches the tail of inspiration solely with mobile phones.

Gemma Webster


Gemma Webster is a Colorado writer. She is a contributing editor at FictionUnbound.Com and is a graduate of the Lighthouse Writer's Workshop Book Project.

Nicole Williams

The Thing with no Form

Nicole Williams is a graduate of UT Austin. She's been a law student, an event planner, a florist, a home school teacher, a Bible study leader, an encourager, a vice president of operations, and a writer. She loves God's word and its incredible power to change our lives. With every word she writes, she hopes people will hear the underlying message: God is real, He is able, and He loves you.

Patricia Williams

Thoughts at the time of the virus - Pandemic

Patricia Williams’ collection, Midwest Medley, published in 2018 by Kelsay Books was named Outstanding Poetry Book by the Wisconsin Library Association.

Nan Williamson

Spring 2020 / Bouleversée

Graduate of The Humber School for Writers (Toronto) 2013. Since then, my poems have been published in Room, The Steel Chisel, Mindshadows, Arborealis,  as well as Three Drops (Cauldron), and th e2017 best of print anthology from Imbolc (UK). Her chapbook, leave the door open for the moon,was published by Jackson Creek Press, Peterborough, Ontario, 2015. Her poem Georgian Bay Meditation was one of 15 chosen by the League of Canadian Poets for the April 30th 2020 Poem in your Pocket Day.

Maili Woods


Mali Woods-Drake is a union representative for hospital employees in California. As a former English major/creative writing minor, writing has been a cathartic release during the stressful times.

Susana Molinolo and Pamela Yuen-Elkerbout

Postcards We Never Sent

Susana Molinolo is an Argentine born, Toronto-based copywriter and activist. In 2017 her poem, I Am Nine, was a winner in the Ontario Books Publishers' Association writing contest. She is currently the Programming Chair for the Toronto branch of Canadian Authors Association.  

Pamela Yuen-Elkerbout was born in rural Ontario to Hong Kong migrants. She is an expressive writing facilitator with the Toronto Writers Collective. Her writing explores diasporas, normativity, kinship, and mysticism.

Susana and Pamela first met on Twitter, and then in real life at the Tartan Turban Secret Reading Series in Toronto. As their workplaces are close by, they had planned to meet for lunch until COVID-19 cancelled all socializing. In lieu of a face-to-face lunch, they wrote this poem together as an imagined meeting in New York City. 

M Zaman

Anthropocene Sin / Hope

A poet and an physician; he lives with his lovely wife on the Raquette River in a quaint college town on the foothills of the majestic Adirondacks, enchantingly irenic with rivulets full of toothsome water, and hills rarely trodden. His poems are published or forthcoming in the High Shelf Press, the Stardust Review, the Black Horse Review, and the Cathexis North West Press, Ulalame Lighthouse, and La Piccioletta Barca. He also writes in his native language Bangla. His most recent publication in Bangla is a translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Cigeng Zhang

The Frozen Spring

Cigeng is a freelance English translator from China. Her poetic contributions include her poems in The Poetic Bond III to IX (2013 - 2019), as well as Rouge in the Water, her first bilingual poetry collection published in China in 2017.

Felucia Zuniga

Inside and Outside / Old words, New Tricks

Felicia Zuniga is currently trapped in her home with her husband and her two-year-old son as she continues to work as a communications specialist and attempts to write poetry and keep the house clean. Learn more on her website at: www.feliciazuniga.com.

Trevor Maynard (editor, The Lockdown)

Trevor has three poems featured in this collection troubadours of the scaffold, The World Has Changed, But There is Hope, and This Spring.

He has several published collections including The Path Now Known, Grey Sun Dark Moon, and Keep on Keepin’ On, as well as his one-act play anthology Four Truths.

He has been the editor of the international poetry anthology series The Poetic Bond since 2011 and will publish The Poetic Bond X in late 2020.  So far, The Poetic Bond has showcased the work of 223 poets from 35 countries.  This year he also edited Nature 20/20, an anthology of 24 poets on the theme of the environment.

Trevor is also the editor of the Cunningham Short Story Anthologies Life Dances (2017) and Our World, Your Place (2018), Nine Frames (2019).

Other publications featuring his work include Aesthetica, Tuck, October Hill, Deep Underground, Poetry, Life and Times, Miracle, and the anthology Men in the Company of Women (EAP)

Trevor is a member of The Poetry Society (UK) and formerly an executive member of The Writer’s Guild of Great Britain, and treasurer of The Theatre Writers’ Union.  He is the manager of the LinkedIn poetry forum Poetry, Review, and Discuss, which has 20,700 members.