Meet the Poets of 

The Poetic Bond IX

The Poetic Bond IX


Christine Anderes        

When Sorrow Comes/In the darkroom/My Mother's Wax Perfumes

2019 was a pivotal year for Christine, with highs: the birth of her first grandchild; and lows: major health issues. Consequently, her concern for the planet and all its inhabitants, both geopolitical and environmental, has grown exponentially and informs her new works.


Chris Barras          

The Fall/Tangled Roots of a Northern Port

Chris is a poet living in Cumbria, UK. His writing reflects his life living and working in Cumbria. Inspiration comes from the countryside and the people around him.


Janette Bendle


Janette lives in Australia with her 2 sons and 3 rescue dogs. Janette has worked in the health and wellness industry where she educates the importance of nourishment with good food choices, moving with integrity and optimal health moving into middle age. She loves to write and is particularly drawn to poetry and children’s fictions where she can share her message about caring for the environment and animal’s welfare.


Henry Bladon

Path to the Beach/Across the Ocean

A writer of short fiction and poetry based in Somerset in the UK. He has a degree in psychology and a Masters in mental health policy. He also has a PhD in literature and creative writing from the University of Birmingham. His work can be seen in Poetica Review, Pure Slush, Truth Serum Press, Flash Frontier, and O:JA&L, among other places.

Henry Bladon came 1st in The Poetic Bond Poets’ Choice Awards for 2019 for his poem “Path to the Beach”


Diane Burrow

Nostalgia Despite/The Mole’s Song in the Morning/Copper Beech and Silver Birch

The poet has been writing since childhood and has had many published for which two were prize poems.   Two of them accepted, were inspired by views from the window of trees and new foliage.  The Mole s song was based on mole s joy of spring in Wind in The Willows.


Mariangela Canzi

Light/A Strange Couple

Italian mother tongue, translator, Mariangela started writing poems in English a few years ago. She loves it, but she still has a lot to learn!

Some of her poems and haiku have been published in "Haiku Journal" and "I Am Not A Silent Poet".  She is honoured to be part of "The Poetic Bond" VII, VIII and IX.


Ian Colville

An Odour of Anguish/Pint Sized/Setting an Example

An ex-pat Scot, Ian currently resides in England where he's a regular contributor at Bedford's Ouse Muse. Since he began writing in earnest, Ian has had over 60 poems accepted for curated publications. Ian writes on all manner of topics, occasionally employing the Scots vernacular, and his poetry is driven by a sense of the helplessness of the 99%. Ian much prefers traditional forms of poetry; the stuff written by 'dead poets'.


Wybrig J. De Vries

A Prowling Thief

Wybrig began writing poetry while learning English after she emigrated with her family from the Netherlands to Canada.  As a child she wanted to go through life writing and not speaking. Wybrig graduated from Art College. She paints in various mediums, makes birthday cakes for family and friends, cooks and sews. She enjoys reading, novels, non-fiction, poetry and books on spirituality.


William Di Benedetto 

Meditation Versus/Jazz Club at the Chelsea

William is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and editor residing in Seattle. Born long ago in New York City, he was a journalist in Washington D.C. following his graduation from the University of Virginia. His reading focuses mainly on his Modern Library editions, history, poetry and a large science fiction collection. William also reads and re-reads Shakespeare and is interested in the challenge of writing in structured verse forms such the sestina, tritina and villanelle.

Brian M. Falconer 

I Was/give it up

Ex-computer programmer, now freelance technical and content writer, from Manchester, who has always been an avid collector of old poetry books, particularly those dating back to the First and Second World Wars. He describes his poetic style as "broken verse".  He is working on his own anthology, but after twenty years he has produced only sixteen poems, so it may take a while.    

Brian Falconer came 3rd in The Poetic Bond Poets’ Choice Awards for 2019 for his poem “I Was”


Bonnie J. Flach             

One/Cast Your Spell

Poet, photographer, for the non-profit “Ocean Artists Society”, member of Shelter Island Art Assoc (San Diego).  Writes poems and stories primarily on, but not limited to, nature, wildlife, and indigenous people.


Stuart James Forrest

Empty Hands/Regret/Nightfall

Stuart James Forrest was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1951. He is a retired public servant living in Oceanside, California. He developed a passion for creative writing while attending Stanford University Continuing Studies. He continues writing poetry, short stories, screenplays and hopes to develop enough skill to be a strong, creative voice of his generation of Black Americans who lived through a very tumultuous period in American history.


Anthony Frobisher 

The Shelter/It’s Time/The Sea-Winter

Anthony lives in Worcester, UK. He draws inspiration for his poetry from the world around him, from the beauty of the natural landscape, the changing weather and seasons, the sea to the human landscape, political and social issues. He has self published seven collections of poetry on themes as diverse as the refugee crisis in Europe, bereavement and travel.

Annette Gagliardi


Annette has poetry published or forthcoming in Genre: Urban Arts No. 8- Print, Southwest Journal, Summer 2019, Dreamers Creative Writing Online, Down in the Dirt Online Magazine, Trouble Among the Stars, Issue#2,  Poetry Quarterly, the Poetic Bond VIII, ASPS Sandpiper and Dreamers Creative Writing Year 1 Anthology. She is a contributor and one of two editors for the anthology, "Upon Waking: 58 Voices Speaking Out From The Shadow of Abuse".


Edna George

For Better, For Worse …

Drama graduate, specializing in set and costume design in numerous London theatre productions, and walk on artiste in film and TV.  This is her second published poem.  Now retired, concentrating on her soon to be published book, as well as having fun with her growing brood of grandchildren.


Cathryn Glenday

A Desert Daughter’s Perspective/Female Healers:Witches, Nurses, and Surgeons, alone in the Night

Cathryn Ana Glenday is a poet, disability activist, health educator and a psychotherapist practicing  in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Cathryn began creative writing early in grade school.  Cathryn lives in a rose-pink pueblo house with her dog and her dog’s two cats. Cathryn is working on a memoir and writes for The Mighty, a website for persons with disabilities. In Cathryn’s free time she is learning to grow roses and loves the local arts scene.


J M Greff

Second Hand Memories/These Things I Shouldn’t Say

J M Greff is the intentional author, trucker philosopher, peace loving hippie, spiritual warrior, backpacking pantheist, wandering minstrel, and poet fool who created and operates the website, A Caravan of One, and the online publication, Letters from the Caravan. He can also be found on Facebook at A Caravan of One, on Instagram at j.m.greff, on Twitter at J_M_Greff, and on Elephant Journal as J M Greff.


Ann Huang

Something to Say

Author, poet, and filmmaker based in Newport Beach, Southern California. She was born in Mainland, China and raised in Mexico and the U.S. As an MFA recipient in Poetry from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Huang has authored one chapbook and three poetry collections. Her poems have appeared online and in print extensively and follow the surrealistic gestures that weave reality into divergent realms of perspectives and perceptions. Visit


Stephen Kirin

Ridgeway/Smiling to Kyoto

Stephen Kirin lives in Suffolk, UK. His poetry and short fiction have appeared in several Surrealist anthologies including; Patricide, La Vertèbre et le Rossignol, Surrealists and Outsiders 2019 and Peculiar Mormyrid. Stephen also paints individually and collaboratively with his wife and sculpts in wood. New creative projects continue to evolve.


Madeline Heit Lipton

Old Friends

Madeline is a creative person, who loves writing, music, and art. A native New Yorker, her work has appeared in publications near and far. They include Long Island Newsday, Great South Bay Magazine, a written interview for the Brooklyn library, The Poetic Bond Vll, Vlll, 4 Haiku Journals and Woman's Day Magazine,She is married, with 2 children and a furbaby Mia. Madeline thanks Barbara and Debbie, for being part of her inspiration for the poem chosen for The Poetic Bond IX.


Chris Maloney

Pals/So, It Begins

Chris Maloney grew up in Bayside, Queens which is in New York. His passion for writing began in his mid teens. Through out the years Chris would practice writing whenever and wherever he could. He would read poetry books and novels not just for entertainment but to learn as well. As he got older, he went on in having several different jobs. All which he enjoyed. All the while he was still writing poetry and having hopes in becoming a successful and respected poet.


Kayla Matheson

Lady Luna

An English major from Texas, Kayla has shared her love of poetry by teaching Elementary and Middle School students for nineteen years. Interpreting, coaching, and judging Oral Reading Poetry Competitions, as well as establishing poetry workshops for inner-city students, has allowed her to bring her knowledge to learners of all backgrounds. Kayla draws most of her inspiration from personal experiences. Her work is published in the Poetic Bond VII.


Luke Zachary Maynard


Luke is an undergraduate reading Computer Science at Brunel, University of London.  He enjoys video, tabletop, and card gaming, as well as science fiction and fantasy novels.  His poem War was written when he was in high school and was influenced by his interest in history and fantasy games such as Warhammer.



Trevor Maynard


Poet, playwright, and editor, with twelve productions of his plays, three books of his own poetry; he has edited nine anthologies of poetry, three of short stories, as well as the work of several other poets, and manages a professional poetry forum on LinkedIN with just shy of 20,000 members.,  Website 



Janice McLaughlin

The Swampy Bog Blues/I Am War

Janice is from Pennsylvania. She enjoys photography, music, gardening, dancing, movies, and reading.  Has always loved poetry and has been discovering many different forms. She has compiled 64 unusual forms into two instructional books: The Nooce (sic) and Other Fun Poetry, and The Blues and Other Fun Poetry. She’s is promoting her book of Japanese forms -- Haiku – Snapshots of Life, which contains Haiku and Haiga, and Tanka-Senryu-Sedoka which can be found in the local library, in local boutiques and on Amazon and other sites. She also does layout and design, some editing, and book covers for other authors.


Tania Melick

Dignity/Heart of Winter/The River Water

Mother Lebanese and father Brazilian, Tania was born and raised in Lebanon. At the age of 23 she left Lebanon to study, live and work in Europe and Asia. Tania's life experience strengthened her faith in God, taught her resilience, tolerance, hope and humility and inspired her creative writings while igniting in her the passion to help other people. Tania is a Business and Executive Coach working internationally from her home base in Beirut


Linda Mills

Balloon Kiss/By the River San Antone

Nearly blind from birth, Linda's work grows from the reality of others into whatever she can imagine.  Wonder how you would describe the color green in its infinite verities, if you could not see it.  Sometimes her words wander off in unexpected directions far from the reality where they started,  There is no anger or resentment in her work, but sometimes sadness for that reality.

Helen H Moore

Papaya King/There Came a Night /Temptation/The Coming-Home Time

Helen H. Moore is the daughter of a bricklayer, who was raised to believe that any art beyond a greeting card was not for her. Nevertheless, she persisted. Her writing is the fruit of her struggle against that belief. She received her Bachelor's degree from York College, CUNY, where she studied poetry under David Ignatow. She has three sons, three stepchildren, eight grandchildren, and three daughters-in-law. She lives in in Las Vegas with her husband. 


Marli Merker Moreira

Summer Flash/Night Riddles

Marli was born and raised in a German family, in the very south of Brazil.  In Middle School, this girl met her husband-to-be.  Her graduate degrees are from Cornell University and Teachers College (US). For more than thirty years, she taught Literature as a full professor at UNISINOS. Family has been her choice: husband, 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 3 sisters. Simplicity, love, Nature music, and shells orchestrate her universe.


Jude Neale

Ash to Dove/Obit/And Not/Spells Out Daughter

Jude is a Canadian poet, vocalist, spoken word performer and mentor. She has been shortlisted, highly commended and finalist for many international and national competitions.  Jude has written seven books.Her book, A Quiet Coming of Light, A Poetic Memoir (Leaf Press) was a finalist for the 2015 Pat Lowther Memorial Award.In 2018, Jude and Bonnie Nish started an online collaboration which lead them to write, Cantata in Two Voices, in fifty challenging days. Her book, A Blooming, was published by Ekstasis Editions in May 2019 and We Sing Ourselves Back June 2019.


RH Peat         

A Shoe Beside the Bed/Several Years Back/Ocean Depths/Dead Fish Laughing

Lives in California, published in the USA, New Zealand, India, England, Canada, and Japan. Taught workshops, read his works on radio & TV. Top 100 in Writer’s Digest Annual Poetry Competition; operated poetry readings sponsored by Poets & Writers Magazine. Poetry: Abyss of The Moon is about rediscovering love in later life.



Carrie Magness Radna

Susan/Pamela/How Does the Door Feel

Carrie is an audiovisual cataloger at New York Public Library, a classical singer, a lyricist and a poet who loves to travel. Her first chapbook, Conversations with dead composers at Carnegie Hall (Flutter Press) was published in January 2019, and her second one, Remembering you as I go walking (Boxwood Star Press) was published in August 2019. Born in Norman Oklahoma, she now lives with her husband Rudolf in Manhattan.


Robert Eugene Rubino

King for a Day/Facelift/Catawampus/Love in the Time of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Since retiring in 2013 from newspaper copy editing and column writing, Robert Eugene Rubino has published poetry and prose in various literary journals, including The Esthetic Apostle, High Shelf Press, Forbidden Peak Press and Hippocampus. He's old enough to have seen Willie Mays play centerfield at the Polo Grounds in Harlem and smart enough to solve The New York Times crossword puzzle each Monday (other days not so much). He lives in Palo Alto, California


Maja Herman Sekulic   

The Super Moons

Maja is an internationally published Serbian author of 17 books. Award-winning poet translated in many languages, a novelist, essayist, a bilingual scholar, and a major translator. She is a world traveller and a Princeton Ph.D. Shares her time between New York and Belgrade.



Joseph Sinclair

Pig Latin/Before I Lay Myself to Rest/Whistling in the Wind

Joseph Sinclair has combined a lifetime of writing with a long, distinguished commercial career. Four collections of poetry followed the publication of several well-regarded books on transport and military history as well as others on psychology and complementary practice, and a novel. In his tenth decade, he is now putting his major writing effort into his autobiography You Don’t Apologise for Chutzpah!  He still feels impelled, however, to publish the occasional poem or two online.


Richard Glen Smith      

The Egg Snakes/Mother of Frankenstein

Glen's book content evolves through writing, graphics, painting, drawing and sculpture. These sequential collages are found at for print and e-books.


Kewayne Wadley

Jaywalking (Look Both Ways)/Same Dream Blues

Kewayne Wadley is an American Poet originally from Birmingham Alabama and currently lives in Memphis Tennessee. His work has appeared across several poetry anthologies and a couple of websites



Diana Wend 

Skylark versus Foghorn

Diana lives in a beautiful area of the south coast of England and has been fortunate in not having to earn her living all her life, both factors contributing to her being inspired to be a creative writer. She has been published in various outlets, including twice previously in The Poetic Bond series and produced her own two collections of poetry. Latterly she has been stimulated by the freedom that owning a computer offers.


Jim Wilson

You Just Gotta Love ‘Em/Meditation Madness

Jim is a 69-yr. old, white, male, with no criminal record. He is philosophically conservative republican with closet democratic idealist empathy and therefore has absolutely no credentials to be a poet. However, he has written 600 plus since 2000, and feel compelled to share them with unsuspecting victims. Publications include Concho River Review, San Antonio Express News, The Mountain Spirit, Jeff Davis Mountain Dispatch, The Lions Pride, Cenizo Journal and others. 



Marie Youssefirad

Never Again           

Marie is the Founder/CEO of FYMHS.ORG. She is currently working on wellness legislation for WA state in her mission to end type 2 diabetes. She loves to go on long walks with her dog to places that stir the imagination and write poetry in her garden.



Cigeng Zhang

First Love/flaw

Cigeng is a freelance English translator from China. She began writing English poems in 2012. Several of her selected poems have been included in The Poetic Bond series from III to VIII since 2013. The Rouge in the Water is her first bilingual collection of poems published in China in 2017. The themes of her poetry range from nature, life, memories of thoughts, fantasy and love.


Lynne Zotalis

I Love You Please Don’t Die/Me Too Mother/Finding Earth’s Treasures

Lynne has been published in the R.H. Cunningham Short Story Contest for the third year in Life Dances, and Our World, Your Place and Nine Frames. Her poetry has appeared in Tuck Magazine, an online human rights journal, writinginawoman’svoice, The Poetic Bond VII, VIII and IX, and Lyrical Iowa. Google has links to her videos: an interview with John Noltner; founder of A Peace of my Mind and YouTube recordings. Her Amazon author page lists her books.