The Poets of The Poetic Bond VIII

Bioographies presented in the order they were received.

Press Release 18 Nov 18…..Publication 3 Dec 18


Rick Davis


Author of three published novellas and has had over 1,000 poems published.  He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge.  He is married & lives in Chicago (USA).



Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi


(B.A. English, Spanish; M.A. Spanish), author of Poem to Follow, Fall Tenderly, Surviving Gracefully, published worldwide in poetry anthologies, literary magazines, and in spoken word on the CD ‘HOW LIVE’ with LOOPRAT, considers herself a modern formalist, addressing contemporary issues in poetic verse with a stylized language.



Kelli Gunn (M.A.)


Resides in New Brunswick, Canada, where she writes, works, and studies. She has a graduate degree in English Literature and is currently completing an undergraduate degree in adult education. Her creative work can be viewed at: and



Carrie Magness Radna


An audiovisual cataloger at New York Public Library, a choral singer and a poet who loves traveling. Her poems have previously appeared in The Oracular Tree, Mediterranean Poetry and Tuck Magazine

Born in Norman, Oklahoma, she currently lives with her husband Rudolf in Manhattan.



Sonay Mustafa


A second generation Turkish Cypriot, born and bred in London. Sonay started writing poetry as a coping mechanism after a bereavement. Since then, she has discovered a love and passion for writing and is an active member of poetry communities on LinkedIn, and Instagram. Instagram poetry page @s_k_mustafa.



John Lysaght


Poet from New York.  He began writing poetry while a student the University of Scranton, graduating in 1968 with a degree in English and Classics. Here, his poems were first published in Esprit, the university`s literary journal. John draws inspiration from his journey through everyday life.



Tim Williams


Published in several literary magazines and published first volume of poems in July 2018 (Take Life by the Throat under TW Williams) Website: Please sign up. Retired certified industrial hygienist and safety professional. Always a poet. My novel, Caden's Crime, is out to publishers for review.




Biman Roy


Has been writing poetry for past three decades and has been published in various literary journals in US, UK, Canada and India.  He is a psychiatrist by profession and serves as a consultant in a hospital in New York and lives in Ridgewood, New Jersey.



Laura Lee


Chicago-area poet, college instructor and writer.  Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been published in the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Greece.  Her website is at:



Stephen Sesto


Retired from the Postal Service after a 30-odd year career, I find enjoyment in volunteering at the local community radio station, giving historical tours and writing poetry and song lyrics, despite my tin ear. My wife and I reside in Portland, Maine, USA: art, foodie and microbrew paradise.



John F. McMullen


Poet Laureate of the Town of Yorktown, the author of over 2,500 columns and articles and eight books, and the host of a weekly Internet Radio Show (Links to the recordings of all radio shows as well as information on Poet Laureate activities --



Stuart James Forrest


Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1951. I am a retired public servant living in Foster City, California. In the summer of 2014, I developed a passion for creative writing while attending Stanford University Continuing Studies and hope to perfect my skills.


Annette Gagliardi


Annette presents her books & poetry lessons in schools & libraries.  She authored two children's books: The Three Betty Goats Griff and Resourceful Erica, and has self-published two poetry books, titled: "Life Prints: A Collection" and "Reflections of Sunshine". Her poetry has appeared magazines, calendars, newspapers and forty anthologies.



Kewayne Wadley


Kewayne has been writing poetry and creative stories since he was young. He is from Birmingham, AL and currently resides in Memphis, TN. Avid reader and writer when not working. Returning poet from the Poetic Bond V.  Social media link: 



Cathryn Glenday


Cathryn lives in a rose-pink pueblo house in Albuquerque, NM. She is a poet, a psychotherapist, and a disability activist. She has been writing poetry since the third grade but only recently begun submitting work for publication. Cathryn's work has recently been published in Awakened Voices and Persephone's Daughters.




Janette Bendle


Janette works in the health and wellness industry, where she teaches the importance of exercise, and good health at any age. She has always loved to write and is particularly drawn to poetry and children’s fictions where she can share her message about caring for the environment and animal’s welfare.



Gilbert Franke


Gilbert Franke is a retired Lutheran pastor living with his wife, Beth, in Bellville, Texas, USA.  He enjoys sailing, amateur radio, traveling, reading, writing, and spending time with his granddaughter.  Gilbert has "indie published" three books of poetry.  He maintains a web presence at



Joseph Sinclair


Joseph’s life was totally “bouleversé” in 2017 by his young daughter’s death to cancer.  His Lament For Emily, published in aid of the Shine cancer charity, is his final (fourth) book of poetry. His aim now is to complete his online autobiography You Don’t Apologise for Chutzpah before his own demise.



Lynne Zotalis


As a member of the Peace and Social Justice Writers Group at the Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, MN, Lynne practices the life-long pursuit to BE a peacemaker. Peace journalism along with activism are an intrinsic element best imparted to our youngest citizens in order to ensure the future of our planet.



Wybgrig J De Vries


I enjoy reading and writing poetry because I love life.  Poetry for me means painting with words. I like to take readers on a journey with me in my poems and leave them delighted and enlightened. When my poems are understood I am pleased.



Madeline Heit Lipton


Madeline is a New York writer, born into a family with a passion for the Arts. Her work has appeared in various publications, including The Poetic Bond Vll, Newsday, Woman's Day, Great South Bay magazine, and Haiku Journals.

She is proud to be among the authors of The Poetic Bond Vlll.



Betty Bleen


Betty’s collection of poems, Bad Red Shoes, is available on Amazon. She has been published in several anthologies and won Honorable Mention in 2018 in the Blackberry Peach contest sponsored by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Her poems appear bi-weekly in a local newspaper.  Website:



Victoria Anllo


Victoria is a writer, editor, teacher, Romantic, and genuine bibliophile from New Jersey, USA. She wrote her first story at the age of five, but her first submission for publication was to this issue of The Poetic Bond. Visit her website or follow her on Twitter @victoriaanllo.



Glen Proctor


Published poet, sometime musician, lover of animals and believer in Metta. I came to poetry quite late, via the song lyrics I tried to write. I run a poetry blog (irregularly), mixing words, images, old poetry and new:



Cigeng Zhang


Cigeng is a freelance English translator from China. She started writing English poems in 2012. Her several selected poems were included in The Poetic Bond series from III to VII. Rouge in the Water was her first bilingual collection of poems published in China in 2017.



Gillian Bell


Gillian is a Speech-Language Therapist who loves working with people facing communication challenges.  She lives near a beach in the North Island of New Zealand.

Gillian has been writing poetry since childhood in West Yorkshire.  Since immigrating in the 1970’s her work has been published in NZ and Australia.



Lexene Burns


Lexene is a retired bank officer who lives in Darwin Australia and is author of one published book. She has had poems published in Flycatcher Magazine and The Poetic Bond VII. As well as writing Lexene enjoys the visual arts (photography, painting and drawing) and travel – see more at



Peter Coe Verbica


Peter grew up on a commercial cattle ranch in Northern California. He obtained a BA and JD from Santa Clara University and an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is married and has four daughters.



Paul Sutherland


Canadian-British, resident in UK since 1973, has 13 publications including New and Selected Poems, Valley Press, 2017, 384 pages of 45 years of writing. He's founder of Dream Catcher, reads his work in public, leads creative workshops and does private tutoring. University of Lincoln archives his writing. See more at 



Suzanne Askham


Suzanne is a healer, writer and editor with a passion for nature and wellbeing. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, she believes in the beauty and therapeutic power of words. Her poems arise from travel, dreams and her respect for the healing potential of human emotions.



Mariangela Canzi


Italian mother tongue, translator. Mariangela enjoys writing in English which is her great passion. She tries to express her deep feelings and thoughts about nature, life and our world.



Antonella Corradetti


Antonella is Italian. Living and working in London for over 13 years. Started writing poems as a therapeutic tool and to improve my English, poetry has offered me the opportunity to explore subjects such as love, pain, relationships, acceptance, domestic violence and so on. Poetry has become the mean to explore myself and the world.



Flavia Cosma


Flavia is an award winning Romanian-born Canadian poet, author and translator. Has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering; studied Drama at the School of Arts—Bucharest, Romania. She is also an award winning independent television documentary producer, director, and writer. Published more than 40 books of poetry, novels, and children literature.



Reasie R. Robertson


Reasie enjoys spreading words of encouragement to everyone who will listen. She believes words have power and she skilfully uses them in her many inspirational messages, poetry, and song writing, seeking to transform the reader into her world of thought. She is a loving, devoted Mom, Servant of God, and Disabled Veteran. She and her family currently live in Georgia.



Nancy Scott


Nancy Scott is the managing editor of U.S.1 Worksheets in New Jersey and the author of nine collections of poetry and a novella, Marriage by Fire (Big Table Publishing Company, 2018). As an artist, she works mainly with collage. Examples of her artwork and a selection of her poems can be found at her website.



Bonnie Roberts


Thinks of herself primarily as a poet, teacher, friend, and mother.  She is also an English writing tutor at Columbia College, freelance editor, and the owner/publisher at Mule on a Ferris Wheel press.  She believes in compassion, peace, loving one's neighbor, taking care of our Earth, and, most of all, taking care of all children in the world. Her next collection of poetry, Dusting for Prints, is currently being published by Flown Words, Swansea, Wales.



Annel Bell Martin


Annel’s published memoir “Just Ringing My Bell” includes some of her poetry. She has short stories published in ELM Anthologies #2, and #3. (All Available on Amazon). Though she is currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories, she always finds time to write more poetry.  She lives in Georgia.



Marie Youssefirad


Creative thinker that enjoys daydreaming, writing, and her garden. CEO, FYMHS.ORG, working on a bill to introduce special issue license plate for Washington state: Ending type 2 diabetes. Funds will provide scholarships, educational seminars for Washington state , K-12 students, through her non-profit. Passionate and driven by her commitment to keep her promise to make a difference.



Marcia Weber


Marcia is a developing poet who is published for the second time in the Poetic Bond series.  She immersed herself in writing following a life-altering crisis and is now focused on honing her craft. She has become involved in a vibrant and challenging writing community on WordPress, where she blogs at .



Christine Anderes


Christine has 2 poems appearing in The Poetic Bond VIII. This is her 6th year as a contributor. She continues working on 3 collections of poetry: Bodies in Motion, Juggernaut and Deposed - attesting to the beauty and resilience of nature as well as the critical state of the planet and its inhabitants.



Joanne Bordokan


For her, writing is bridge to a different world and time.



Drew Clausen


Pain caused by a car accident in 1994 lead to my drinking, but by 2002 I had had enough of the drinking six nights a week with a bottle of whiskey per night and a case of beer, so like I started writing poems and short stories. I like spinning tales about my childhood, writing about the pictures I have seen through the year.



M. Ivana Trevisani Bach


Biologist, researcher, teacher. Animals, Nature and Ecology are the themes of her literaly works. She wrote the "Italian Ecopoetry Manifesto".



Diane Burrow


I guess I have always 'thought' poetry, with an ear for playground chants and nursery rhymes, always writing poems at school, considered a bit of a 'dreamer', and being told to pull my socks up.  First publications, and prizes, were with The Forward Press, in various anthologies and booklets, and here I am again, still writing, just can't help it!



George K. Grieve


Has been working on his poetry collection The Death of Swans for many years now.  World citizen, but if pushed, will admit to being resident in UK with his wife and cats.



Lee Landau


This poet writes with raw honesty about her personal landscape, interaction with family events, those dysfunctional backstories. She writes about the nature of tangled lives, which tumble through her life and poems. She writes in a unique voice, poetry with multiple, sonic elements.



Helen Schulman


Helen Schulman was born September 5, 1937. She grew up in New York, but has been living in Florida for about 26 years. She holds a Master's degree in Social work and has been writing poetry for many years. She has published a book of poetry entitled "Reflections", which is available on



Claude Seguy


Claude Seguy is an author, biographer, poet, painter, cartoonist and caricaturist who was born in Paris France where he rubbed shoulders with many artists of the time. Now living in Florida USA, he dedicates his time at the various forms of hi str.



Richard Glen Smith


Can book content evolve through writing, graphics and images to create a sequential collage of exhibits? Among his books are Leviathan vs The Empire, Space Unknown, Fake and True Fables of the Sane and Insane.



Marek Lugowski


This insufferable lout and serial abuser of good will everywhere has been very visible and notorious in posting poems and engaging in polemic.  Perchance he should be considered a lapsed or archival-quality internet perso-anality of yore, as much as he tries to remain abusively relevant on the interwebs of 2018.  Editor of A Small Garlic Press.



Bonnie J. Flach


Poet, photographer, for the non-profit “Ocean Artists Society”, member Shelter Island Art Assoc (San Diego).  Writes poems and stories primarily on, but not limited to, nature, wildlife, and indigenous people.



Claire Mikkelsen

A lifelong Alabamian, Claire’s worldview reflects having grown up in pre-civil rights movement Alabama; however, having had grandparents who immigrated from England to the United States around 1800 may have helped to broaden her perspective.  She believes that the only hope for the people of the world to ever live in harmony is for there to be international communication. This annual poetry collection is a step in that direction.

Beatrice Boswell

Beatrice Huerta Boswell is a poet from California’s Central Valley.  She has been writing poetry and prose since she was a child.  She lives in Kern County.



Krenare Bruqi


I’m Krenare Bruqi from Peje (Kosovo), and I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Biotechnology at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’. Since childhood I have had a great love for poetry and literature in general



Ian Colville


Ian has had over 60 poems published in curated publications, and recently won the Paragram humour prize. He writes on all manner of topics, occasionally employing the Scots vernacular, and is an inveterate reader. When reading poetry, he much prefers traditional forms of poetry; the stuff of 'dead poets'.



William DiBenedetto


William DiBenedetto is a freelance writer and editor residing in Seattle. Born many years ago in New York City, he was a journalist in Washington D.C. after graduating from the University of Virginia. His reading focuses mainly on his Modern Library editions, history, poetry and science fiction.



Anthony Frobisher


The poetry of Tony Frobisher is inspired by the world around him. His poetry covers nature, social change and reflects the loss of his daughter Milla in December 2016. He began to write as an expression and outlet for grief. Lives in Worcester, UK and has taught English as a Foreign Language for over 20 years



Bea Garth


Bea Garth is known for her sublimely earthy narrative poetry and art. Bea discovered the healing power of creativity early on through her exposure to ancient world art and modern poetry.  For more see A frequent arts organizer, she edits



Karen J.Henneberry


Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Informed by her political activism, read Interdisciplinary Degree in Women Studies' at Mount Saint Vincent University where she published an article on feminist film studies, recipient of the Frog Hollow Book Award for high average. The result of a well-rounded education in the Arts collided into meaningful and rewarding expression of writing poetry.



.Robin Ouzman Hislop


Editor of Poetry Life and Times. Publications include All the Babble of the Souk, Cartoon Molecules, and Key of Mist (the recently published Tesserae translations from Spanish poets Guadalupe Grande and Carmen Crespo). See Robin performing his work Performance (University of Leeds) and his latest Collected Poems Volume at Next-Arrivals.



Sebastian Karantonis


Hailing from the cradle of civilization, Cleveland Ohio, Sebastian uses oil paint or ink to bridge the disconnect between his brain, his heart and his vocal chards.  Sebastian’s concerned with the loss of nuance and driven by a disillusionment with the state of discourse in the age of the internet.





KishaJade, MA creative writer, is a British poet and English educator. She writes poems with the emerging themes of love, pain and faith. Her voice of expression is driven by promoting self-awareness and positive change to her audience and the younger generations. Social change and equality is her muse.



Bilal Moin


16 year old poet from Mumbai, India.  Mainly pens haikus and continuous haikus (where each stanza of a poem is a haiku). Has featured in the Scholastic Young Writers Anthology and the Tipton Poetry Journal.  His poems have themes of love, pain, insecurity and conflict. Bilal is an entrepreneur, self-titled globetrotter, and spends his free time collecting antiques, reading and arguing.



Karen Nurenberg Rothstein


Karen Nurenberg Rothstein is a mother, a lover, an artist, and a poet. She is all these things because it is the only way she knows. Her motto is: Love your life, smile, and do what makes you happy. Life is short!



Ivan Saltarić


As an author of already published research, Ivan shares a strong passion for poetry and music making. He is currently working as intern with EU funds.



Sarah Stonesifer


Sarah is a high school teacher in Tennessee and life-long writer. Poetry is a new adventure that she discovered and fell in love with in a graduate school class. Recently, she started a blog about everything from work to kids to entertainment:



Nana Tokatli


Born and lives in Athens, Greece. She was an AFS exchange student to the USA. Has studied painting at the Fine Arts School of Athens and has exhibited her works in 18 solo shows.  Since 2000 writes poetry in English and in Greek and short stories in Greek. 



Virus the Poet


Broke onto the Poetry, Spoken Word scene early in 2015 and never looked back. A modern-day philosopher with views ranging from family, life, relationships to societal topics. Awarding winning poem Home published by the Poetry Institute of Canada. Virus has pushed the boundaries of conventional poetry to inspire and empower today's youth and listeners around the world.



Diana Wend


Attended a small private school and was very fortunate to be taught by an inspiring teacher who wrote poetry. Able to further her education in the Arts over the next six years, which inevitably enriched her word knowledge. Latterly the use of a computer encouraged her creativity.



Jim Wilson


68 year old retired veterinarian living in south central Texas near Burton. He grew up in the Big Bend mountains of West Texas near Van Horn. Attending Texas A and M college of Veterinary Medicine graduating in 1973, he was in private practice in Abilene, Texas until retiring in 2015. He has written poetry since 2000 with an accumulation of over 600 poems. He writes concise truths in poetic form



Terry Young


Terry endeavors to foster thought, entertain, educate but not pontificate.  Enjoys writing travel adventures, fantasy, angelology, life after death and ruminations of the heart.  Started writing poems and short stories during high school and currently working on a Novel.  See some of his works at “Terry Did It”: