The Poetic Bond X

"The Poetic Bond X"  An international poetry anthology of 83 poems by 43 poets

"Poetry is the very soul of humanity"

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"Who Are We?"  Featuring the winners of The Cunningham Short Story Competition 2020

"Ten short stories on the theme of country, identity, and race"

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"Poems from THE LOCKDOwn"  An international poetry anthology of 146 poems by 115 poets

"A poetic, historic, document of our times"

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The Poets of The Poetic Bond X

Biographies will be added in the order they are received.  In all there will be forty-three poets in this year's anthology.


Carrie Magness Radna

Keep Breathing

Carrie Magness Radna is an audiovisual cataloger at the New York Public Library, a choral singer and a poet who loves traveling. Her poems have previously appeared in The Oracular Tree, Muddy River Poetry Review, Poetry Super Highway, Walt's Corner, Alien Buddha Press, Home Planet News, Cajun Mutt Press, Jerry Jazz Musician and First Literary Review-East. Her first poetry collection, Hurricanes never apologize (Luchador Press) was published in 2019. Her upcoming poetry collection, In the blue hour (Nirala Publications) will be published in Fall 2020. Born in Norman, Oklahoma, she now lives with her husband in Manhattan.

Stella Fletton

A Blend of Colour /

Watching Over me

A passionate and inspiring writer who transforms her personal experiences of challenge and trauma creatively, into deeply meaningful and authentic poetry that is heartfelt, warm and positive.  With her unique writing style Stella shares her thoughts with compassion and forgiveness towards herself and her fellow human beings. A true humanitarian, Stella's thought-provoking poetry illustrates how in our world today, love and spiritual guidance can lead us all gently into the Aquarian Age.  With a refreshingly open-minded and embracing attitude towards continual change that is life, Stella Fletton is straight talking and blunt without offending.

Neetu Malik

new wheels old yard /

benumbed / Chasing Love

Born in India, Neetu has lived in Austria, England, and Canada before settling in the Eastern USA in 1994. Neetu's eclectic work reflects her diverse background as she explores the joy and darkness of the human condition in poems and stories noteworthy for their intensity in brief span.  Her poetry is published in journals and Anthologies from Australia, USA, UK, and India.  Her poem, "Soaring Flames”, was awarded First-Place by the NY Literary Magazine (2017).  Nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2018, Neetu’s poem “Sacred Figs” was published in The Ocotillo Review by Kallisto Gaia Press.

Anthony Mirarcki

How to See /

Every Quiet Second

Anthony Mirarcki lives in Syracuse, New York, with his wife. He currently works as a carpenter and is a full-time student at Oswego State University, working towards his BA in English and Creative Writing. Anthony's work has appeared in LIT Magazine, the Great Lake Review, the 2020 anthology Poems from the Lockdown, and has earned honorable mention in the 47th New Millennium Writing Awards

Joseph Sinclair


Joe Sinclair regularly threatens to retire from his lifetime of writing and publishing.  Now, having passed his 91st birthday and caught up in the throes of the Covid pandemic, shielded by age and health, the threat may be fulfilled.  He recently published his 5th book of poetry (Whistling in the Wind)   After a commercial career of more than 30 years he wrote and published 15 of his own titles and, under his ASPEN imprint,  three books for other writers.  He has written hundreds of magazine articles and edited several magazines, including the highly acclaimed Nurturing Potential.  (

Cigeng Zhang

For Your Image in Long Black Hair 

The Old Couple

Cigeng Zhang is a freelance English translator from Beijing, China who started writing poems in English in 2012. Her several poems were included in The Poetic Bond serial anthologies in III - IX from 2013 to 2019 (the UK) and the Savant Poetry Anthology (the USA) from 2017 to 2020. Rouge in the Water was her first bilingual collection of poems published in China in 2017. Her themes of poetry range from the nature, life, memories of thoughts, fantasy and love. 

David Scheffner

Jumping Trains ...

Determination meets Limits ...

Born in Cleveland, Ohio. He moved a lot finding a love for words, and literature at a young age. David Scheffner Graduated with his Masters in English literature and writes poetry randomly sometimes on paper, sometimes on a computer screen, and mostly in his head. He is a full time cook with dreams of being a vagabond writer. Maybe, if it was less work. He'll probably start writing in earnest tomorrow though.

Judith Mikesch McKenzie

 Post Hoc /

Looking out the Upstairs Window

e has traveled much of the world, but is always drawn to the Rocky Mountains as one place that feeds her soul. She loves change - new places, new people, new challenges - but honors a strong connection to the people and places of her roots. Writing is her home. She is a recent winner in the Cunningham Short Story Contest and the Tillie Olsen Short Story Contest.  Her work has been published in Who Are We?, the Tishman Review, Rogue River Review, Thought and Action, Mountains and Lake, Works in Progress, and she has published four books

Anthony Frobisher

Waiting for Time To Stop

Locked Down and Confused

Anthony Frobisher is a poet, writer and teacher. He lives in Worcester, UK and is author of 9 collections of poetry. His latest poetry collection, Let The Acorns Grow, is raising money for Acorns Children's Hospice, a charity that cared for Anthony's daughter Milla. Milla passed away in 2016 and by writing and connecting with poetry, Anthony found a creative outlet for his emotions and a way to manage grief. He has continued to write ever since. He is also the author of a novel, The Shadows That Sang. IG @ajfrobisherpoetry

Sara Stewart

Snap / The Inbetween /

Distance from the Moon

Sara is a poet and wanderer of this world. Whether by foot or the pages of rare books, she seeks understanding of various cultures and their poetic influences on society throughout history. Sara has lived in seven of the United States and three foreign countries, each move with the intent to understand the land, the community, and of course, to write. The cosmos, the elements, human relations, innocence, escapism, and love are the themes that make up her prose. 

Blakelee Harmon

Labor of Materiality

Using large scale canvases to reflect the materiality of mistakes in collaboration with new concepts, Blakleee Harmon’s work shows the effort of the human mind. She developed her sense of composition first through exploring movement and stillness,light and darkness, giving and taking, boundaries and abandon. Her intention is to move viewers into a posthuman mindframe where her work acts not as an object or subject but as a transparent vessel. The pieces were made to connect and listen to until you have an answer.  Blakelee Harmon/

Ryan O'Connor

On Entering a Close /

Keep Running

Ryan was born in Boston, Massachusetts but grew up in Cork, Ireland. He now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland where he works for Edinburgh University. He spends his time playing various stringed instruments, reading and trying to write better poems.

Joe Harper


Joe has a poem somewhere in the anthology 'Collective Voices' by the Connecticut Poetry Society. He had written for the editorial section of The New London Day with restrained menace. Three of his plays have been given readings by the Eugene O'Neill local playwrights, perhaps it was two. Ex post facto ,'Missing Persons' was a finalist in the National Competition. This summer his video, 'Green Lights,' was selected for the Los Angeles International Film Festival without censure.

Mari-Carmen Marin

Who Can Answer? /

The Old Guitarist / 

Rum and Coke

Mari-Carmen Marín was born in Málaga, on the southern Mediterranean coast of Spain, but moved to Houston, TX, in 2003 after receiving her Ph.D. in African American literature from the University of Zaragoza (Spain). An avid reader and lover of literature from an early age, she began to write poetry to give a specific shape to, and be able to order, the chaotic and complex feelings and ideas running rampant in her mind. Writing poetry has become her comfy chair in front of a fireplace on a stormy winter day.

Henry Bladon

In the Skip /


Henry is a writer, poet and mental health essayist based in Somerset in the UK. He has a PhD in literature and creative writing from the University of Birmingham. His latest poetry collection is a collaboration about mental health with Dutch artist Marcel Herms and is available from Egalitarian Publishing.

Robert Eugene Rubino

DNA Samples / Protocol /

Gamble Garden

Since retiring from daily journalism in 2013, Robert Eugene Rubino has published poetry and prose in various online and print literary journals, including Hippocampus, The Esthetic Apostle, The Write Launch, Haunted Waters Press, Forbidden Peak Press, Cagibi, Cathexis Northwest, High Shelf Press, Raw Art Review, MacQueen's Quinterly and Gravitas, and in the anthologies Poetic Bond IX, Earth Hymn, Poets' Choice and Poems from the Lockdown. Before the coronavirus, he participated in poetry open mics in various cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now each week he participates online and looks forward to mingling with fellow poetry lovers in person in the near-future.

Chris Barras

the wee yin

Chris Barras an emerging poet living in Cumbria. His writing is informed and takes inspiration from the beautiful fells and costal views. Experimenting with different poetic forms and styles his work has been published in a number of anthologies.  As well as writing poetry he is currently working in collaboration with a small group of other poets using words , image and text in new hybrid forms of poetic work.

Wybrig J. De Vries

Skipping Stones /

The Broken Wrist

Wybrig J. De Vries grew up speaking both Dutch. (Nederlands) and Friesian. When Wybrig was 10 the family immigrated to Canada. It was while learning to speak and write English that Wybrig began to write poetry and stories. As an adult, Wybrig attended an Art school part time for twelve years graduating with a diploma in drawing, painting and creative writing. She is a member of a small Writers' Group where her poems get read and critiqued. What is beautiful in life is also painful and pain makes one see the beauty of life.

Anna Delamerced

Pigtails & Playstations /

A Study of the Heart /

Evening Music 

Anna Cusi Delamerced is passionate about listening to people tell their stories. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, she studied Public Health and creative writing as an undergraduate at Brown University and stayed at Brown for medical school. Currently she is finishing her final year and hopes to be a paediatrician-author in the future. In her writing, she desires to capture the beauty of the world, express the trials and joys of life, and encourage people to see their value and worth. She is grateful to her parents, brothers, and family members across the U.S. and the Philippines.

Jim Wilson

Several Silent Sorrys

Jim Wilson is a 70-year-old white, male with no criminal record. He grew up in the Big Bend mountains of far West Texas and now is a retired Abilene, Texas veterinarian having spent 42 years doctoring friends' pets and livestock.   He currently lives in the country between Austin and Houston near Brenham specializing in grass growing, gardening, writing, and public elementary school volunteering teaching nature and poetry.  He is philosophically conservative Christian republican with closet Christian democratic idealist empathy and therefore has absolutely no credentials to be a poet. However, he has written 600 plus since 2000, and feels compelled to share them with unsuspecting victims.

Mark Hammerschick

In Vitro / Pandemia /

In the Moment Before the Moment

Mark writes poetry and fiction. He holds a BA in English from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a BS and MBA. He is a lifelong resident of the Chicago area and currently lives on the north shore, his professional career has been in digital strategy and online consulting. His current work will be published in The Metaworker, Vext Magazine, Breadcrumbs Magazine, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Lucky Jefferson, The Fictional Café, Wingless Dreamer, HP 2020 Poetry Challenge, Trolley Magazine, Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine and The Write Launch.

Kewayne Wadley

Slow Down Blues / Take A Dive /

Love Sometimes

Kewayne Wadley is an African American Poet originally from Birmingham Alabama and currently lives in Memphis Tennessee. His work has appeared across nine poetry anthologies, including previous Poetic Bonds and spread across a couple of websites

Rebecca Evans

How to Cover a Bruise /

trash-binning /

I am rare and unlovable

Rebecca Evans, essayist, memoirist, and poet, has hosted and co-produced Our Voice and Idaho Living television shows and currently hosts Writer to Writer podcast. She mentors teens in the juvenile system. You can find her work in The Rumpus, Entropy Literary Magazine, War, Literature & the Arts, 34th Parallel, Capable Magazine, Blue Mountain Review, and Collateral Journal, among others. She has just completed both her essay collection, Body Language, and memoir, Navigation. She’s a decorated Gulf War veteran, has served on the editorial staff of the Sierra Nevada Review, and lives in Idaho with her three sons.

Rick Davis

Spring Wind*

Rick Davis is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University & of several graduate schools.  He lives in the Chicago area (USA), and has worked in market research and urban ministry.  He is married to Marianne, and they have five adult children.

(*Written with Mariangela Canzi)

Madeline Heit Lipton


As the daughter of  a very accomplished man, Madeline knows where her creativity comes from. A native New Yorker, she counts, writing, music, cooking, computers and art among her many interests.  This marks Madeline's fourth inclusion in The Poetic Bond series, and most meaningful personally, as she dedicates her piece this year to her beloved Father and Aunt, who both passed during the Pandemic.  Other publications include Newsday, Woman's Day, Great South Bay magazine, Haiku and Tanka Journals. She has also done a written interview for the Brooklyn library, and appears in the brand new book Let The Acorns Grow.

Alan Bern

Six Walked /

after 'The Seven Works of Mercy"

Retired children's librarian Alan Bern's poetry books: No no the saddest and Waterwalking in Berkeley, Fithian Press; greater distance, Lines & Faces, his press with artist Robert Woods, Alan has poems, stories, and photos published in a variety of online and print publications. Alan was a runner up for Raw Art Review's "John H. Kim Memorial Short Fiction Prize" for his story 'The alleyway near the downtown library'; and he won the Littoral Press Poetry Prize in 2015. Recent photos published: and Alan performs with dancer/choreographer Lucinda Weaver as PACES and with musicians from Composing Together,

Abby DeSantis

old woman / spare change /

before the fog

Abby is a retired fashion executive from New York who moved to rural northeastern Pennsylvania in 2019    She decided to try her hand at writing after attending a local poetry reading.  Her poems are inspired by nature, hope and the human condition. Abby’s poetry has appeared in several anthologies and on-line journals including Northeast Pennsylvania Bards Poetry 2020, Trees out of the Garden of Ashes, Chaos, Beat Anthology, Poems from the Lockdown, Poets Live 2020, Tiny Seeds Journal and Thirteen Days of Halloween.  She lives with her husband and several furry and feathered friends.

Betty Bleen

By a Fountain

Betty Bleen is a poet living in Westerville, Ohio, USA, with her husband Doug and a cat named Mittens. Her poetry is published bi-weekly in a local newspaper and has been included in various anthologies, including several Poetic Bonds, in which she has been honored with the Poet Choice Award 2 times. She is a frequent reader at local summer venues. Betty’s collection of poetry, Bad Red Shoes, is available on Amazon. She has 4 grown children and 8 grandchildren. At 70 years of age she still works full time at a dermatology office. Besides writing poetry Betty enjoys painting faces of pets on rocks to memorialize beloved pets that have passed.

Pratima TK (Pra Tee Ma)


I was born and raised in Nepal, migrated to Sydney after I got married to my husband who lives here. I have my parents in Nepal and have younger brother in Canberra. My father inspired me to write. He used to bring me books and reading materials as per my age since I was little kid. I always have written poems since I knew about poetry. I have a large collection of poems and it is my dream someday to convert into book. I do not write for living. I write because I feel like writing, expressing myself via words which I cannot otherwise. I love life and the opportunity life have given me to explore and learn.  My profession is nursing and I work in a public hospital in Sydney. Nursing is another thing I am passionate about. I love to see patients heal and being discharged. I love to help humans in need.

Kayla Matheson

Unending /

Crimson Tide

 An English major who attended Texas A&M, University, Kayla has retired after nineteen years of teaching. She now enjoys spending her time writing. Kayla has been published in The Poetic Bond IV, The Poetic Bond IX, Poems from the Lockdown, and Poets Are Heroes Magazine.

Sherry West

A Tarnished Silver Locket /

Dining in Sin / Husband, You Sleep

As a member of the Academy of American Poets, the Poetry Society of Indiana, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and an official Indiana Children's Author and Illustrator, Sherry West is an award-winning poet, author, illustrator for, and educator of, children. Her illustrated children's book "It's Raining Cats! It's Raining Dogs! It's Raining Bats! And Pollywogs!" was recently published and is available at Amazon and other retailers. Her illustrations and designs are featured regularly on tv and in magazines in the U.S. and U.K. She is also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. 

Marie Youssefirad

Reflected in Time /

Never Immutable

Reflecting in her flower filled garden, serenaded by bird song, hovering dragonflies , and a bubbling fountain, Marie daydreams as she drinks her tea. Armed with pencil and paper, she writes poetry and children’s stories. Marie is the Founder and CEO of; with a mission to empower children and families, with evidence based nutrition, to live their best lives, and avoid type 2 diabetes. Her poetry has also been published in The Poetic Bond VII, VIII, and IX.

Gilbert A. Franke

Just Numbers /

 Stopping at a Bar on New Year's Eve

Gilbert Franke is a retired Lutheran pastor living with his wife, Beth, in Bellville, Texas, USA.  He enjoys sailing, amateur radio, traveling, reading, writing, and spending time with his granddaughter.  He maintains a web presence at

Karen Henneberry

A Metaphor of Life

Born to be a social and political activist.  Educated at Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia, with writing research, critical thinking skills, and political activism at hand, she says poetry became her passion, allowing her self-expression of life's social fabric. 

Mariangela Canzi

We / Spring Wind*

Italian, Mariangela Canzi is a translator. Her great passion is to write in English where she loves expressing her feelings and thoughts about life, nature, and the world. Her poems and haiku have been published in "The Poetic Bond" series, "Poems from the Lockdown", "Modern Haiku" and "Presence".  (*written with Rick Davis)

JE Bird 

 I, To You / Awakening

Previously published in The Poetic Bond II; currently publishing a book: The Quest for Individuation, a Jungian analysis of the film Black Swan, due out in 2021.  Resides in Surrey, UK, writing, researching, and enjoying life to the full within a large and busy family. 

Trevor Maynard

Precision / every /


Widely found in magazines and online, Trevor’s publications include Grey Sun, Dark Moon (poetry), Four Truths (plays), and he recently edited Poems from the Lockdown and Nature 20/20, as well as the short story collection Who Are We?  Trevor read Drama and Theatre Studies at Royal Holloway College, is a member of The Poetry Society (UK), and former executive member of The Writers' Guild of Great Britain. He is married to Jo, has four children, four cats, nine grandchildren, and indeterminate number of tropical fish.  Details at 

Christine Anderes

Science /


Christine is a raising a rambunctious Pandemic Puppy, a Portuguese at Dog, and nursing a 17 year old Jack Russell on the barrier beach where she lives.  She's a conservationist and passionate animal advocate.  Her poetry and critical essays attest to the beauty and resilience of nature using lyricism and humor to bring mindfulness to the critical state of the planet and its inhabitants.  This is even more imperative in these increasingly alarming times where the very fabric of democracy and science is threatened.

Claire Mikkelsen

Public Outrage

Claire is a joyous poet as well as a glass artist.  Her mature poetry will soo be published on Mule on a Ferris Wheel. She has worked as a social worker, and has done many mundane jobs for various poetry related organizations.  Some of her favorite themes are nature, especially in regard to animals, social justice and music. 

Peter Coe Verbica 

Dog in the Freezer

Peter grew up on "Rancho San Felipe", a commercial cattle ranch in Northern California.  He earned his BA in English from Santa Clara University, a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law, and an MS from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology.  He is married and has four daughters. 

Peter Alan Soron


We are all citizens of the world, as is so evident in the current pandemic.  Pete Soron's poetry collection "TheWatcher from the Beacon" is available on Amazon and elsewhere.  He has previous been published in The Poetic Bond Series.  Stay Safe, Stay Well, Everyone.